Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

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Want to grow your own psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms? There isn’t a simpler solution than a magic mushroom grow kit! Simply add some water and let it grow. Can growing psychoactive mushrooms get any easier? Choose your psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom growing kit below!

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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow kits

The problem with tripping is that you have to get your psychedelics from somewhere. And that somewhere can be a shady dealer or not a trustworthy hippie friend. Thank god you can buy your own magic mushroom growing kit and grow your own magic mushrooms at home. This way you can trip on psilocybin with something different than magic truffles, and know where that psilocybin came from. Growing magic mushrooms is great fun!

What is Magic Mushroom Grow kit?

The magic mushroom growing kit comes with a colonized mycelium that is ready to grow magic mushrooms. Basically, all the hard mycology tasks are done for you, you just need some water and patience. It will also come with a special growing bag and some paper clips, so everything you need to grow magic mushrooms is already inside the box. Growing magic mushrooms can be more simple than that!

Can you grow magic mushrooms?

Yes, you can grow magic mushrooms at home. Growing magic mushrooms from spores can require some knowledge, but anyone can grow magic mushrooms with a magic mushroom growing kit. This is because you don't need to know how to prepare the substrate, innoculate and colonize. All this scientific stuff is already done for you with a magic mushroom-growing kit.

What's inside Magic mushroom grow kits?

Inside magic mushroom grow kit you will find colonized psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom mycelium that is alive and ready to grow fruiting bodies. Fruiting bodies are mushrooms that will grow out of that colonized substrate.

Different magic mushroom strains

Magic mushrooms can have more or less psilocybin per gram of dried magic mushrooms. That's why based on the average psilocybin amount, magic mushroom strains are divided into three main strengths according to their power.

Beginner Magic Mushrooms

Looking for the best magic mushrooms for beginners? Here are a few psilocybe cubensis genes that you might enjoy!

Medium Strength Magic Mushrooms

Medium-strength magic mushrooms are exactly what you think. Good enough and not too strong!

Strongest Magic Mushrooms

There are a few strongest magic mushroom strains that you can choose from!

Different magic mushroom grow kit sizes?

Magic mushroom growing kits come in different sizes, they are measured according to the amount of active mycelium inside the box. The bigger that grow kit the more magic mushrooms can you grow. Here are the 3 main magic mushroom growing kit sizes.

  • Small (250cc)
  • Medium (1200cc)
  • Large (2100cc)

Microdose magic mushrooms

With psilocybin microdosing becoming more popular, many seek an easy way to have a stable supply of psychedelics that you can microdose on. There is no better way to be in control of your microdosing than growing magic mushrooms with a grow kit.

Order Magic mushroom grow kits

Our headshop items (and most smartshop stuff) can be ordered anywhere in Europe, so simply order and you will receive your smoking goodies in a matter of days. Expect a discrete and fast shipping service, so only you will know what's inside the package you ordered. Make your order for magic mushroom growing kits now!

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