With the medical community finding more and more use cases for cannabidiol, more and more people want to try CBD for themselves. High-quality CBD products are key if you want CBD to improve your life. That’s why we sell only the highest-quality CBD we can find. Check all the best CBD products below!


Looking for the best CBD oil that you can buy online? Headshop is the oldest smartshop in Amsterdam, so you know that our team has decades of experience in the Dutch cannabis market. That's why our CBD product selection consists only of the best CBD oils and other CBD products in Europe and the Netherlands.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of 140+ cannabinoids usually found in cannabis plants. CBD is praised for its various calming properties and is heavily researched by the scientific community.

Different CBD Products

The most popular form of CBD is oil. Do not mistake CBD oil with hemp or simply cannabis oil as these oils don't have CBD in them. Only CBD oil has cannabidiol in it and can be used as a calming remedy.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

One of the most popular CBD oil types is full-spectrum CBD oil. This way CBD comes in combination with various types of important terpenes and other types of cannabinoids.

CBD Crystals

If you want to make anything CBD, like your juice or even vape liquid, you will need some real CBD crystals. Buy some CBD crystals and create your own CBD infused food or beverages.

CBD Capsules

The easiest way to take CBD? Capsules! Always the same amount and no taste. Buy CBD capsules if you seek the most simple way of using CBD every day.

CBG Oil for Sleep

The next cannabinoid that is getting attention for various potential medical uses is cannabigerol. Also known as CBG it's a special type of cannabinoid that reportedly improves sleeping habits in some users. You wouldn't want to play with unnatural supplements for sleeping problems, that's why many CBD and CBG users recommend trying CBG as a possible sleeping aid if you need one.

Order CBD Online

Our headshop items (and most smartshop products) can be ordered anywhere in Europe, so simply order and you will receive your smoking goodies in a matter of days. Expect a discrete and fast shipping service, so only you will know what's inside the package you ordered. Order your perfect CBD product now!

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