If you look for a great way to relax, trip, party, or chase any other type of mood, everything can be found in a Smartshop. The Headshop is the oldest Smartshop in the Netherlands, so you know that our selection consists of the best Smartshop products one can possibly find. Check our Smartshop product list below!

Online Smartshop

Need salvia, magic truffles, party pills, or aphrodisiacs? Our online smartshop has all that and more. All these products are legal in the Netherlands, so everyone can find the perfect solution for their mood improvement needs.

What is a Smartshop?

Smartshop is a special type of shop that is allowed to sell recreational drugs in the Netherlands. All these party supplies and hallucinogens are strictly regulated, so users can live a safer and better party life.

That's why buying your recreational drugs from a smartshop results in a more secure way of partying, which usually leads to a better mood and much fewer side effects.

Different types of Smartshop Products

We all know the most popular things everyone can find in the smartshop. These are Salvia Divinorum, psilocybin magic truffles and magic mushroom grow kits, different relax and sex herbs, or many other herbal party supplies.
But here's a list of different types of recreational drugs you can buy in a licensed smartshop.

  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Energizers
  • Psychedelics
  • Relaxants
  • Nootropics

Buy Smartshop Products Online

Our headshop items (and most smartshop products) can be ordered anywhere in Europe, so simply order and you will receive your smoking goodies in a matter of days. Expect a discrete and fast shipping service, so only you will know what's inside the package you ordered. Order your perfect vaporizer now!

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