The Headshop x Tatanka x Smartific

If you have heared about only one smartshop or headshop, that one is The Headshop. For decades we have been working hard to deliver the best experience and that created our great reputation, and we are proud to say that! But did you also know the Tatanka smartshops are part of our family? These smartshops are also well know across Europe and together we keep on working to suite all your needs.

Ofcourse not everyone is able to travel to Amsterdam for our stores. Because we also want to assist the ones that can’t come to the stores, we have teamed up with one of Europes finest online smartshops: Smartific.

Smartific is one of the Dutch market top players and is specialised in all kinds of products. They also focus on giving clear information about all products. We do agree: education is very important in our playfield! Their immersive informational articles are very thorough and impressive. Definately check out their great Smartwiki.

Got curious about Smartific? Take a look at their Dutch website: or for the rest of Europe: And don’t forget the amazing Tatanka shop:

The Headshop x MagicTruffels.Shop X

The Headshop is filled with great smarts- and headshop products. Probably the most popular of these products are the famous Magic Truffles. We have set up a collaboration with the Dutch online Magic Truffle specialists of They are experts in psilocybin containing products. Together we use our knowledge and research results to give all our customers the best possible experience. Take a look at their website:

Rather grow your own psychedelic products? Lucky you! They also have a great dedicated webshop that is completely build around magic mushrooms grow kits. This is their website:

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