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Looking for quality scales to weigh things accurately? Doesn’t matter if you want to weigh weed, mushrooms for microdosing or even jewelry, these scales are professional and made to weigh small things in the most accurate manner. Check our scale selection below!

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Buy Scales Online

Our scales can be delivered to anywhere in Europe and we selected all the best quality scales that will not cost a fortune. Our scales weigh things with 0.01g or even 0.001g accuracy, so everyone will find the perfect scale they need.

Different Cannabis Scales

Most smokers weigh their cannabis with 0.01g accuracy weed scales. This allows you to know the exact amount of cannabis and dose or package your buds in an accurate way. Most of our scales can be carried around as they are small and can even be stored in your pocket.

Scales for Microdosing

If you need to microdose magic mushrooms or magic truffles, you need a good scale that will allow you to accurately measure your microdosing dose. This section is filled with the best scales that are not only trustworthy but also will not cost too much. Most of our scales have a tare function, which means you can measure things together with a bowl or a pack and still get accurate measurements of the product inside.

Scales Shop

Order scales to anywhere in Europe and they will be delivered fastly and discretely. This means, only you will know what's inside the package and the package will have no logos or other markings that could attract unwanted attention. Buy quality scales now!
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