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For those who are looking for an authentic smartshop/headshop experience, the Headshop in Amsterdam is the best place to go. Since 1968 we provide valuable and valid information about our products, we also give advice based on knowledge and personal experiences. 

Those who would want a real “Amsterdam experience” cannot just walk past the Headshop. 

Our vision and mission is to comfort our customers, so we can be of great value to a customers unique experience. The atmosphere inside the shop is relaxt and so is our team. With our natural products we like to give you the ultimate experience wether your are looking for magic truffles, euphoric experience, energy boosts, herbs or decoration for you home. We welcome you to our shop in Amsterdam but we also wish you a good experience online! 

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Your experienced guide from Amsterdam.

The great thing is that the Headshop is not just a place where you walk in to buy psychoactive products, uppers, downers, cbd and more but you can also get more information here. And that’s exactly what makes the Headshop different. You can rely on our team for honest and expert advice.

You’ll be at the right place here if you want to know what the effect of a product has on your mind and what influence it might have on your feelings and your behavior.

Visit our Headshop shops in Amsterdam!

Are you visiting Amsterdam? Than you are very welcome to visit one of our Amsterdam shops. We have 3 stores! The products you find on the Headshop online webshop, you will also find in our stores in Amsterdam. Get the real Amsterdam experience! We are ready!

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Discover various herbal products.

We’ll take the time for you and so can you! Take your time to have a look around and go through all our products you can have a magic experience with, at a party, at home or just in the nature of Amsterdam!

Of course, this is the perfect place for all sorts of smart quality products, such as uppers and downers, like kanna or kratom, cannabis seeds, sex products, vitamins for recovery, cbd oil and liquid, water pipes, vaporizers and more!

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Busy, busy, busy? No time to visit one of our Amsterdam stores? Or do you live abroad? We offer a extensive range of online products on our webshop which is constantly renewed.

You can order online with us!

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