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Want to buy magic truffles? Best magic truffles selection from all over the Netherlands can be found here! Enjoy your magic truffle trip with the highest quality psilocybin truffles in the market. If a trippy experience you seek, a trippy experience you will get. Find our selection of psychoactive magic truffles below!

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Buy Magic Truffles

Seek the best magic truffles? The Headshop is one of the oldest Smartshops in the Netherlands and our team has decades of experience in the dutch psychedelic market, so you can trust that our magic truffle selection is the best online.

What is a Magic Truffle?

Magic Truffles is the most popular psychedelic that can be bought legally in all of the Netherlands. They contain the same psychoactive ingredient as magic mushrooms (that you can grow with a growkit), thus magic truffles will work exactly the same. Sclerotia is a magic mushroom "cousin" that are called philosophers stones or simply, magic truffles.

Can you eat Magic Truffles?

Yes, just make sure you chew them really well. All magic truffles come in packages ready to eat, just make sure you choose the right dosing and take your time when chewing them.

How Magic Truffles work?

Magic truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, two main psychoactive ingredients that can be also found in the psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom strain. When in your bloodstream, these ingredients will induce spiritual and trippy experiences, usually referred to as tripping.

Different Magic Truffle strains

There are many different magic truffles that come in different psychoactive trip strengths. Don't forget that dose is a more important indication than strength, but here's a list of magic truffle strength, starting with the least strong magic truffle.

Beginner Magic Truffle Strains

There are three main magic truffles for beginners. It's Atlantis, Mexicana and Tampanensis. The last McMicrodose magic truffle strain of magic truffles is perfect if you want to microdose on magic truffles.

Tampanensis - Mild truffles for self-reflection

Also called Philosophers stones, Tampanensis is the least strong magic truffle you can buy. Perfect for meditation or very mild tripping, but don't underestimate this magic truffle. Take enough and you will trip balls, we assure you that.

Mexicana - best magic truffle for the first time

If this is your first time or you simply want to giggle without going too deep into tripping, Mexicana magic truffle is the way to go. If you want to experience more full tripping, be sure to pick some stronger strains from this list. Mexicana is that mild-effect magic truffle that some beginners will love!

Atlantis - best beginner magic truffle

The most popular magic truffle choice for beginners and even experienced magic truffle users. Atlantis is that perfect middle ground magic truffle that is both amazing and not too strong. Perfect choice for all types of psychonauts!

Strongest Magic Truffles

If you have experience with taking psychedelics like LSD, MDMA or Magic Mushrooms and want to try the strongest magic truffles out there... There's 3 main options, with High Hawaiians being the strongest magic truffle out there! Check them out.

Mushrocks - best beginner/intermediate magic truffle

Still medium in strength, but is on the stronger side of the magic truffle lineup. Loved by experienced psychonauts that are seeking a medium-strength magic truffle trip.

Dragon's Dynamite - Most Popular Strong Magic Truffles

Perfect magic truffle for experienced users. It's in that strong magic truffle range that is strong, but not too strong. This makes this magic truffle the most popular magic truffle of all of them. Don't let the name scare you, but treat this magic truffle with respect.

High Hawaiians - Strongest Magic Truffles

Want to trip balls? With High Hawaiians, you will do exactly that. If you seek the strongest possible tripping experience, this is the strongest magic truffle that you can buy. Anywhere. It's the super box made specifically for experienced users seeking the trippiest possible thing they can get. We warned you.

Colored Magic Truffles

There are two main magic truffles that bring some extra color your psychedelic lifestyle. Here are they...

Dutch Dragons - Magic Truffles for Partying

Limited edition magic truffle that is orange. Also sold only in 15-gram packs, which aims to make this truffle a perfect party-tripping solution. If you plan to take magic truffles with a bigger group of friends, this might be the perfect magic truffle for you all.

Pink Paradise - The Pink Magic Truffle

The newest magic truffle strain of them all? Pink Paradise magic truffles are pink psilocybin truffles. They work just like any other type of truffle on this list and think about them to be quite similar strength to Dragon's Dynamite. Pink psychedelic truffle? Who knew they exist?

Different Magic Truffles package sizes?

In general, 5-10 grams should be an easy trip, 15 grams is your average to strong trip and 20+ grams is considered a strong trip. That's why magic truffles are sold in different sizes.

  • 10 grams of magic truffles
  • 15 grams of magic truffles
  • 20 grams of magic truffles
  • 22 grams of magic truffles (High Hawaiians only!)

Microdose Magic Truffles

McMicrodose magic truffles is a perfect product specially designed for those seeking to try out psilocybin microdosing. It's a perfect way to start trying out microdosing!

Order Magic Truffles Online

Our headshop items (and most smartshop stuff) can be ordered anywhere in Europe, so simply order and you will receive your smoking goodies in a matter of days. Expect a discrete and fast shipping service, so only you will know what's inside the package you ordered. Make your order our ready-to-use magic truffles now!

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