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Looking for the strongest magic truffles you can find that will give you the best psychedelic trip ever? All these psychedelic truffles below are the most potent psilocybin truffle strains out there! Check out our strongest magic truffle strain list below!

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Strongest Magic Truffle Strains

The strongest magic truffles are perfect for experienced psychedelics users who want to have the best and most powerful psychedelic trips ever. These magic truffle strains allow you to experience a wide range of effects that are unlike anything else you've ever tried before.

These magic truffle strains contain high levels of psilocybin and psilocin, which are responsible for producing mind-altering effects in your body. Yes it's the same ingredient that comes in magic mushrooms - magic truffles are almost the same as magic mushrooms, because they are part of the same organism.

The body reacts to these compounds by releasing serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine into your system. These chemicals are responsible for producing euphoria and blissful experiences that can last for hours or even days at a time! If you're looking for something new but still want to get familiar with these types of products then try out some of these strongest magic truffles today!

Most Powerful Magic Truffle Strains

The strongest magic truffles have the most psilocybin and if you take the right dose - these psilocybin truffles are the ones that will take you on a psychedelic trip to the other side of the universe.

These magic truffle strains allow you to have the best and most powerful psychedelic trips ever.

Ultimate Strongest Magic Truffle - High Hawaiians

Not only it's the most potent magic truffle with the highest psilocybin concentration... They are also sold in bigger packs! Be prepared to leave your body and explore the universe with these psilocybin truffles.

Try these magic truffles only if you already had many different magic mushroom or magic truffle trips. High Hawaiian magic truffles are one of the strongest magic truffle strains out there. They will take you on a powerful mind-blowing psychedelic trip and allow you to explore new worlds and dimensions. If you have tried many different types of magic mushrooms or magic truffles, then these are definitely up your alley.

Hawaiian truffles are very strong and should not be taken by first-time users. Make sure you have plenty of time and space to enjoy a high Hawaiian magic truffle trip. They will take you on an intense trip that will last up from 4 to 8 hours! See you on the other side...

Most Used By Experienced Psychonauts - Dragon's Dynamite

If you know people who take magic truffles from time to time, they probably always get Dragon's Dynamite magic truffles. These magic truffles are what you call - your strong magic truffle you can always trust.

If you love to trip balls, but still want to stay in this universe, this is the prefect strong magic truffle you should get!

It's a very powerful magic truffle that will make you trip balls. But, it's not as intense as Hawaiian Magic Truffles, but that doesn't mean they are not insanely strong!

You will go into a deep trip and you will see some of the most intense visuals. It's a very relaxing trip, but you will have to be careful because it can get really intense if you take too much of it.

Strongest Magic Truffle for Parties - Mushrocks

So if you are experienced with magic truffles or magic mushrooms, you know that social events and parties don't go hand in hand with most psychedelics easy.

Take too little or to soft and it's boring. Take too much or too strong and you will not like other people and will want to leave the party asap.

But there is one kind of magic truffles that are perfect for parties, and those are the Mushrocks truffles. These magic truffles are usually stronger than beginner magic truffles but also strong enough to be fun even for experienced users.

The high is very strong, but not overwhelming and you can still talk to other people. They also have a two size options so are good when it comes to varied dosage which makes them perfect for parties.

Buy Strongest Magic Truffles

Magic truffles are the most potent psychedelic that you can buy anywhere in the Netherlands. This makes them a perfect psychedelic to order online.

They are the perfect legal drug for those looking to experiment with psychedelics.

Buy the strongest magic truffles in the Netherlands from Headshop, we have been selling psychedelics in our Amsterdam shop for over 50 years!

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