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Looking for the best beginner magic truffles you can try on your first trip? All these psychedelic truffles below are the most beginner-friendly psilocybin truffle strains out there! Check out our beginner magic truffle strain list below!

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Beginner Magic Truffle Strains

Magic truffles are one of the best ways to get started with psychedelics. They are ready to use out the pack and are completely legal in the Netherlands!

They're also easy to use—you can just eat them! If you pick the right beginner magic truffle, we know that you will feel safe and will enjoy your first psychedelic experience.

The magic truffles for beginners category includes strains that are easy to use, with low doses and a low risk of side effects (due to lower psilocybin potency).

These magic truffles have been carefully cultivated by experts to provide a safe, comfortable psychedelic experience for novice users.

Mildest Beginner Truffle for Thinkers - Tampanensis

These little truffles have been called philosophers stones for a reason. They are spiritual, don't get me wrong - but because they are least strong of all magic truffles... Most say they are the best self-discovery truffles!

When you take a Tampanensis magic truffle, you will be filled with profound thoughts. You may stop feeling like your thoughts are going in circles and that nothing is making sense - psilocybin can make you break that thinking pattern. They can even help you figure out who you are and what your life's purpose is!

These truffles are great for those who want to take a break from the world and dive into their own minds.

They can be used for meditation or contemplation, as well as just enjoying some time in silence with yourself. You'll feel like you are floating through space and time - but in a good way!

Warmest Feeling Magic Truffle for Giggling - Mexican

Mexican magic truffles are very easy to fall in love. It's like a warm fuzzy hug and loads of giggles. Expect to enjoy them even if it's your first time tripping on psychedelics and even if you are with a few friends.

These truffles are a good choice if you want to have a good time with your friends, but don't want things to get too crazy. The giggling can be contagious and can spread throughout the group, making it fun for everyone.

These truffles are good for beginners, but they will also keep experienced trippers happy - the more you take the more fun it gets. The giggling is a great way to release some tension from the day or week and let go of any worries or stress you might be feeling. You'll feel like everything is wonderful and hilarious!

Perfect magic truffle for your first trip. Especially if you are a bit sceptical or afraid, these truffles are quite low in potency, which makes them ideal!

Best Magic Truffle for Everyone - Atlantis

Both Mexican and Tampanensis can be great for certain scenarios, but Atlantis is the best beginner truffle... Why? Because you will get all the same effects, but this time - expect some trippy visuals.

The trip is a bit more intense, but it’s still very manageable. This can be perfect if you want to get a taste of what magic truffles can do, but not too much.

With the right dosage, you will have a pleasant and easy experience. You can also expect some euphoric feelings, which can be very enjoyable.

And of course, laugher, giggles, trippy mind and loads of visuals. Everything anyone expects from their first ever psychedelic trip!

Best Magic Truffle for Microdosing

Want to begin microdosing psilocybin? You can either grow your own magic mushrooms or... Get ready to eat magic truffles!

Magic truffles are a great choice for microdosing because they are easy to dose and have a more lower potency than mushrooms. Because you need 10x times weight to get same effects when compared to dried shrooms, it makes it easy to find that perfect magic truffle dose for you!

Also, you can get them online very easily. If you want to try out microdosing but don’t have access to live magic mushrooms or considering to grow your own psychedelics, then this is definitely the way to go.

Buy Magic Truffles for Beginners

All magic truffles on this beginner list come ready to use, in discreet packaging and you can choose your own dosage based on your body weight and effects you seek.

We’ve included a variety of different types of magic truffles to help you find which one suits your needs the best. You can use them as a microdosing supplement or save them for special occasions! Be sure to check similar list of the strongest magic truffles out there!

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