Here’s how to unwind

here's how to unwind

We live in a world full of busyness, stress and constant stimuli. It seems like we can never unwind. But believe us, there are ways to get back to yourself and really unwind. How about these ways to unwind again? Mindfulness, relaxation exercises or getting out into nature! You can also use supplements or herbs with a calming effect.

The power of mindfulness

We start with a technique that has become increasingly popular in recent years: mindfulness. Mindfulness is the art of being consciously present in the present moment, without judging. By focusing your attention on the here and now, you can reduce stress and calm your mind. Try setting aside a few minutes every day to meditate or simply observe your breathing. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

Into nature

Another way to unwind is by getting out into nature. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and be surrounded by greenery and fresh air. Go for a walk in the forest, take a bike ride along the water or spend a day in a nature reserve. The peace and quiet you find there will help you recharge your batteries.

Relaxation exercises

Besides mindfulness and nature, there are also a wide range of relaxation exercises you can do to unwind. Think yoga, breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation. These techniques help reduce physical tension in your body and calm your mind[1] . Try a few different methods and find out what works best for you.

Valerian to calm down

Valerian is known for its calming properties. A cup of valerian tea before bed can do wonders for a good night’s sleep. The calming properties of valerian can also help reduce anxiety and reduce stress. Besides, valerian also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is good for overall health[2] .

Lavender also has a calming effect

Lavender not only has a wonderful fragrance, but it can also help you relax and unwind. Lavender oil can be used in a diffuser to create a calming atmosphere in your home. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath for a relaxing effect. There are also supplements available with lavender that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

And what about CBD!

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is a natural constituent of the cannabis plant. But rest assured, CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC, so it won’t get you high or stoned. Instead, CBD has a calming effect on the nervous system and can help reduce anxiety and stress[3] . There are several supplements available with CBD, such as oils, capsules and gummies. Give it a try and experience the calming effects for yourself!




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