What is an out-of-body experience ?

What is an out-of-body experience?

An out-of-body experience is a fascinating phenomenon that has captured the human imagination for centuries. It is a state in which a person feels like stepping outside his or her physical body and perceiving the world from a different perspective. We tell you more about what exactly an out of body experience entails, the role of psychedelics in this experience and what research has been done on it.

How does one experience an out-of-body experience?

There are different ways in which people can experience an out-of-body experience. Some experience it spontaneously without any preparation, while others use certain techniques to evoke it. Common methods include meditation, lucid dreaming during recovery and, of course, psychedelics from the smartshop. These techniques and substances can help disconnect consciousness from the physical body and thus experience an out-of-body experience.

Types of out-of-body experiences

Out of body experiences can occur in different ways. Some people experience spontaneous out of body experiences during or just before sleep, while others consciously try to leave their bodies[1]. This conscious form of out of body experience requires a lot of practice and a deep state of relaxation. There are also people who claim to spontaneously exit their bodies in situations of danger or intense emotion.

Is an out-of-body experience real?

The question of whether an out-of-body experience is real remains up for debate. For people who have experienced it, it certainly feels like a real experience. They often describe detailed observations and can see things they would not normally be able to see. Although scientific evidence is scarce, there are many testimonials from people who claim to have actually been outside their bodies.

Meaning and applications of out-of-body experiences

For some people, out-of-body experiences have deep spiritual or mystical significance. They believe it allows them to connect with higher dimensions of consciousness and spiritual entities. Others use these experiences as a form of self-discovery and personal growth. They expose themselves to new perspectives and explore the boundaries of human consciousness.

Explanations for out-of-body experience

Although the phenomenon of an out of body experience is not yet fully understood, there are several theories that try to explain how it is possible. Some scientists suggest that an out of body experience can be explained by a malfunction in the brain, in which parts of the brain responsible for body awareness and self-perception are temporarily deactivated[2]. This would allow consciousness to detach itself from the physical body.

LSD and psilocybin the key to an out-of-body experience?

LSD and psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic truffles and magic mushrooms) are two of the most well-known psychedelics often associated with out-of-body experiences. These substances can alter consciousness and evoke a feeling of disconnection from the physical body[3]. Many users describe it as floating through other dimensions or perceiving their own bodies from a distance.


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