The science behind the cannabis drying process and its importance for quality

De wetenschap achter het droogproces van cannabis en het belang voor kwaliteit

If you are a cannabis lover, you know that the drying process of cannabis plays a big role in achieving the desired quality. But have you ever wondered what exactly happens during this process? With a little patience and the right conditions, you can transform freshly harvested cannabis into a perfect final product. Today, we will explore the science behind drying cannabis and why it is so important for the final quality of the product.

Why is proper drying so important

Drying cannabis is the removal of moisture from the plant after it has been harvested. This is done for several reasons, including preservation of taste, smell and potency[1] . During drying, cannabis flowers lose water, changing the chemical composition of the plant. Drying cannabis is necessary because it affects the quality of the final product.

If cannabis is not dried properly, it can lead to fungal and bacterial contamination, which can put consumers’ health at risk. In addition, poorly dried cannabis can also be less effective in terms of psychoactive reactions and therapeutic properties. Moreover, poorly dried cannabis is almost impossible to crumble even with a good grinder.

The science behind the drying process

During drying, cannabis undergoes several chemical changes. One of the most important changes is the breakdown of chlorophyll, the pigment that gives cannabis its green colour. Chlorophyll can cause a bitter taste and unwanted odours, so reducing it during drying is very important. In addition, decarboxylation of cannabinoids also takes place during drying[2] . This chemical reaction converts inactive cannabinoids into the active form responsible for the desired effects of cannabis, especially when making edibles, this is very important. The drying process thus plays a major role in maximising the potential of cannabis flowers.

The influence of temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity play an important role in cannabis drying[3[ . Too high a temperature can lead to too fast a drying process, resulting in a rough final product. On the other hand, too low a temperature can significantly prolong the drying time, increasing the risk of mould growth. As for humidity, it should be reduced slowly during the drying process. This helps the outer layer of the cannabis flower dry out slowly, while the inside still remains moist. This ensures even drying and the cannabis retains its optimal flavour and potency.

The need for patience

The drying process requires patience. While you may be eager to taste your homegrown cannabis, it is important to let the drying process proceed slowly and gradually. This gives the cannabis a chance to develop optimally and achieve the desired effects. If you dry too quickly, quality problems can arise. In addition, the flavour and potency of the cannabis can be affected if the drying process is not carried out correctly. With a bit of patience, you will soon put a perfect top cannabis in your cannabis pipe!





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