Magic Mushroom Spores

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Thinking about growing your own magic mushrooms? If you are a real mycology enthusiast, try magic mushroom spores and grow your own magic mushrooms in the method of your choice. We have a wide variety of different Psilocybe Cubensis strains to choose from, as well as some other types of psychedelic mushroom spores that you can grow. Find our magic mushroom spore selection below!

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If you don't want to grow magic mushrooms with a growing kit, you can always get some magic mushroom spores and grow magic mushrooms with any other method of your choice. Magic mushroom spores allow you to make your own mycelium and magic mushroom "cakes", so you can grow even more mushrooms than with a regular magic mushroom grow kit. We don't advise magic mushroom spores for complete beginners, but we agree that magic mushroom growing and making your own setup to do it can be a really fun hobby.

Different Magic Mushroom Spores

While most of our psilocybin and psilocin-containing magic mushroom species are based on Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom genotype, we also have spores that are come from Copelandia Cyanscens magic mushroom. Some of the bestsellers in our magic mushroom spore list are:
  • Golden Teacher Spores
  • McKennaii Spores
  • B+ Spores
  • Mexican Spores
  • Copelandia Cyanscens spores (Hawaiian)
  • Thai Spores

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Psychoactive magic mushrooms can be grown easily at home. Headshop is one of the oldest magic mushroom product selling stores in all of The Netherlands and most of our products can be ordered all over Europe. Our shipping is fast and discrete, so only you will know what is inside the package you ordered.
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