Joint Roller

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Have troubles rolling joints that burn evenly and always waste weed with por quality joints? Do your friends complain that your joints suck or you don’t know how to roll them? Joint roller is a simple machine that solves this problem forever. A joint roller is a special design device that allows you to put in your paper and tip in, put your weedmix in, close the machine, lick the paper and you are done! The perfect joint is rolled with your joint roller! That easy!

Weed Joint Rolling Machine

Need to roll better joints? Joint roller is the perfect tool. It’s simple to use and it works with most standard cannabis rolling papers out there. Joint rollers help you be more productive when rolling your joints, while also making sure that your joints all look and blaze the same. This is a simple cannabis tool that is loved by many!

Cigarette Rolling Machine

Cigarette rolling machines can be also used to roll spliffs or simply, tiny joints. This is because cigarette rolling machines can be used only with small rolling papers. You know, simple shag rolling papers! Joint rollers are usually bigger and offer the ability to use king-size or king size slim papers when rolling you huge weed cigarettes. 

Cannabis Blunt Rollers

Blunts can be quite tricky to roll. Seriously those who ever tried to roll a proper blunt know, they can break easier than you want them to. That’s why some stoners rely on joint rollers when rolling their perfect blunts. It’s easier to control the blunt rolling process with a special blunt rolling device. Furthermore blunt rollers allow you to make the licking process simpler, as blunts require quite a lot of licking to stick properly. Try it!

Buy Joint Roller Online

Headshop is one of the oldest smartshop-headshop in Amsterdam and you can order all the best quality items online. This includes high-quality joint or cigarette rolling machines. Joint rollers are loved by those shaky hand stoners that have issues with rolling a sturdy joint. A joint roller is a simple investment that saves you money by not wasting weed when the joint you rolled simply breaks down.

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